Neura Therapeutik (Neura) is a pain specialty company focused on the commercialization of innovative analgesics that address unmet needs in the marketplace.

The collective experience of Neura's management team includes multiple therapeutic areas and classes of medications. Specifically in the analgesic market Neura’s experience spans over 12 unique brands, primarily in the NSAID and opioid analgesic classes of the market.

Neura’s experience includes clinical development, commercial planning, marketing, and sales activities. Notable successes include orchestrating 6 major product launches including Duragesic® and Vicodin ES®. Duragesic went on to surpass $1.5 billion in annual sales while the Vicodin franchise continues to be the leader in total prescriptions within the entire US market. Members of the management team were also instrumental with King Pharmaceutical’s entry into the analgesic market and acquisition of over $1 billion of analgesic assets. King's dominant presence in the analgesic market ultimately led to Pfizer’s $3.6 billion acquisition of the company in late 2010.

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